Wells Fargo takes down hazardous trees

H&H Tree Service H&H Tree Service  H&H Tree Service 
On Wed. morning, Chris Ash alerted us to the takedown of some gigantic trees adjacent to his house. H&H Tree Service in Dundas took down the two big cottonwoods with the help of a crane sub-contractor. Here’s the email from Chris:

Lisa and I live at 417 Union (5th and Union), if you get the chance, you can see two GIANT dead trees coming down on the foreclosed property next to our home (the old Freeman home).  We tried to get the old owners to take these hazardous trees down, but they abandoned the home. 

Lisa then wrote a letter to Wells Fargo to have them removed.  It took a while but they finally came through!  I asked the city if they could make the homeowners take down these extremely dead and dangerous trees, but there were no ordinances on the books that addressed such a hazard. I have been in contact with the Planning Commission and Dan Olson to have that changed. 

We had our kids sleeping in rooms on the other side of the house when there was windy weather in fear of them falling on our home.  Anyway, it’s quite an operation and I thought you might like the angle of ‘bank takes down hazardous trees’ as a tip of the cap to Wells Fargo doing the right thing.

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