The Full Monty…Downtown?

fullmonty.jpgLadies, mark your calendars now…

…sometime in May, there’s going to be a “Girls Night Out” at the Grand Event Center.

I ran into Krin Finger, owner of the Rare Pair, on the sidewalk this afternoon. She told me about this upcoming event. I asked her about the chosen location and she said “There’s going to be entertainment…it’s a fundraiser”. I, jokingly, said, “Oh, are you going to have the Chippendales?” She said, “No, we’re using local guys”. I, jokingly, asked “Has Dale (Finger…her husband) agreed to do it?” She said “Yes, it’s like the Taste of Northfield picture”.

I was about to suggest that posing for a poster with a leg of chicken in your mouth is not the same as stripping your clothes off on the stage of the Grand, at least from my perspective, when she added, “The line is going to go from tall to short, Ross, we need someone to hold up the other end”.

I told her that I had to run. Now I’m looking for Joe Grundhoefer or Norman Butler. Hey guys, anything for downtown vitality, right?

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  1. Tracy Davis said:

    How soon do tickets go on sale? This is one event I can’t miss….. Hmmmmm, I wonder if Krin is taking requests for whom the target audience would like to see.

    March 15, 2007

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