4 thoughts on “Airdogs at the Snooze”

  1. Hmmm, busted.

    The “dude” who grabbed the big air is to never do that again or he will very possibly die– one way or another.

    Unfortunately, this type of stunt for him is not unusual. He has little fear, is overly athletic and finds challenge/risk certainly worth checking out and thinks common sense doesn’t always make, well… sense. But, he knows better and will be going around town shoveling a lot of snow this winter.

    To Sam, Jaci, Suzy, et all – You guys are probably used to Northfield citizen’s jumping with excitment over there at the News but let me know if there were any damages.

    To everyone else – if you ever see this “dude” try to defy gravity again, please call me so I can clarify a few things for him before he gets immortalized on LoGro again.

    Mary Nelson

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