13 thoughts on “Cross country skiing at night in the Arb”

  1. Starry and moonlit nights are also great. I’ve probably done the majority of my cross country skiing over the 40 years I’ve been skiing after “dark.” It can get a little dicey in deep woods on a winding downhill, but there’s generally enough light to ski safely, even without one of the modern headlamps some folks now use.

    The best thing about evening skiing: you’re almost always the only person out there. (Ooops–our secret is out, Griff!) I blogged last week about skiing in the Arb, too, and included some photos. What a tremendous community asset Carleton provides!

  2. When the temp and/or windchill is way low, a balaclava is a good idea. Not stylish, but it minimizes the exposed flesh! Great for cold weather biking (under a helmet, of course!)/walking/whatever as well.

  3. So, you spread Greek pastry over your face and then eat what’s left for energy? Just kidding, I looked it up. Thanks, Bruce.

  4. Does Carleton ever groom the XC trails in the lower arb? I’ve been there 3 days in a row and it’s been great weather, but it would be more enjoyable if the trail was groomed.

  5. David,
    The lower Arb grooming is a bit spotty. Classic tracks are sometimes set when we get a good shot of snow on top of a decent base (as may be the case after tomorrow).

    Most of the lower Arb trails were groomed earlier before the thaw last weekend, but there wasn’t enough snow to set classic tracks.

    A lot of folks seem to think the groomed trails are ideal for hiking, so they tend to get tromped upon pretty quickly… some hikers seem to take special pleasure in walking DIRECTLY on the classic tracks–whatthe?!?

  6. Mild and quick thread drift. I like winter from the inside of a picture window next to a fire, but grandkids are here and I’m wondering where I can find fun sledding for kids under 10. Thanks.

  7. When we were visiting Northfield in years past, my daughter and her cousins gravitated to the hill behind Old Main at St. Olaf. Not sure if this is best for under 10, though. Used to be a good hill for caf trays too, as I recall.

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