Condo model will soon be Farmers Insurance

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Rob and Patricia Martin have purchased The Crossing‘s model condo unit at 2nd St. and Hwy 3 for the new world headquarters for Rob’s Farmers Insurance Group office. Rob’s been an agent with Farmers for 24 years. Patricia is director of government and foundation relations at St Olaf. That’s Rob and his son Greg in the photo on the right. Click photos to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “Condo model will soon be Farmers Insurance”

  1. …so the important words in the title are ‘will’ and ‘be’…looks like ‘someone’ has permanently slipped in another suburban set-back,’could be anywhere’ building onto a ‘prime’ downtown space. Did we forget to ask what the temporary ‘condo show room’ building would ultimately become? Since this corner was slated, in the big plan for the Q-Block, as part of the 20-25 year phase (due to transformer site), guess we can expect to have to look at this butt-ugly addition to our downtown for at least a generation…

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