3 thoughts on “Nice rack! Broadening the field and busting through the glass ceiling”

  1. Griff –

    So, are you going to take this beyond the Mad magazine level and work to get media coverage of the exciting political changes in our community by Bust magazine? Perhaps we can attract the attention of future female entrepreneurs along the lines of C. J. Walker, Debbi Fields, Oprah Winfrey, or Martha Stewart.

    Oh wait a minute, attending to such substantive and meaningful details is, of course, women’s work. You and I can sit back, drink beer, watch football, and assume that Tracy or Bonnie will take care of it.

    – Ross

  2. Robbie: Griff almost suckered me in for a quick one-half hour perusal of the magazine section before I went home.

    Good thing I did some research and found out that that Bust is a chick magazine written for the feminist in all of us. Here I thought that I was going to have a nice, safe place to peruse a liberal magazine to my liking!

    Oh well. Back to the Economist and the Catholic Spirit.

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