Whoa, what do you know, a Downtown Movie Theater

PleasantSt_resized.jpgI was in North Hampton, Massachusetts this past weekend, brunching at a diner with my oldest daughter. We were on a fairly tight schedule, as is too often the case in our busy lives, so I didn’t have hardly a moment to do the tourist thing.

However, I did notice a MOVIE THEATER IN THEIR HISTORIC DOWNTOWN. It was a tiny little building, with only on street parking available, at least as was apparent to my eyes. It’s called the Pleasant Street Theater and their slogan is “Walking the fine line between Art and Commerce for thirty years”.

My daughter has been there twice for movies in the six weeks she’s been out there. This is in addition to the two or three movies a week she watches on campus, so it must be worth the trip.

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  1. Tracy Davis said:

    That’s nice, Ross, but it doesn’t make up for you being AWOL for the show yesterday.

    October 10, 2006

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