Best of Northfield online survey… coming soon

I’m holed up at the Archer House with my sweetie tonight but I just picked up a copy of the January 2009 Northfield Entertainment Guide at the BAMG world HQ and saw the big promo on P. 34-35 for the Best of Northfield survey.


We’re teaming up with the NEG again this year and we’re supposed to have the online survey ready to go. We don’t.

Hang on. We’ll have it soon. In the meantime, see the blog post that launched the survey last year.

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  1. John S. Thomas said:

    Get of the Internet and go spend the evening with your wife of thirty-five years for darn sake!

    This site can do without you for 24 whole hours… 😎

    You have an addiction my friend. Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2008

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