Other MN towns want what Northfield has: a healthy electronic commons

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I spent the past two days Grand Rapids, doing some consulting for the Blandin Foundation and KAXE – Northern Community Radio on how to best foster the development of citizen journalism / community media in their bio-region. (Click photos to enlarge.) They’re quite interested in the history of Northfield.org, Locally Grown, and leadership blogging in our local civic blogosphere. I was quite impressed with KAXE, an independent, public community radio station for the past 30 years. (They’re in the middle of their spring pledge drive, in case you’d like to support them.)

In the conference room, L to R: Jeremy Iggers, Executive Director, Twin Cities Media Alliance; Bernadine Joselyn, Director of the Blandin Foundation’s Public Policy and Engagement Program; Scott Hall, KAXE Community Access Coordinator; Louise Mengelkoch, Chair of the Mass Communication Department at Bemidji State University; Ross Williams, community volunteer; Heidi Holtan, KAXE host of “Between You and Me,” Maggie Montgomery, KAXE General Manager; Dan Houg, KAXE engineer.

Right photo: You know you’re in northern Minnesota when the external doors of the hotels have this sign on them.

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