Locally Grown site traffic report for December


LoGroNo (Locally Grown Northfield) traffic for December declined significantly, according to Google Analytics.

  • 22,185 Visits; Previous: 25,918 (-14.40%)
  • 7,545 Absolute Unique Visitors; Previous: 10,075 (-25.11%)
  • 52,832 Pageviews; Previous; 63,137 (-16.32%)

Why the big decline? Two national/international stories back in Oct/Nov drew a huge number of new (one-time) visitors:

So we actually had a very good month, traffic-wise.

In December, the top stories were:

  1. Gleason offering land for liquor store to city for $1 (RepJ)
  2. Is the Co-op Republican/Conservative-friendly?

Participation: Number of people commenting during the month: 114.

Number of comments posted during the month:  849.

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