3 thoughts on “Practice safe lunch: use condiments”

  1. Last time I was in Tiny’s, Tim called me out on the choice of condiments after I told him I was from Chicago and used to sling hot dogs at Moishe Pippic’s on 71st Street when I was a kid. I always order mustard onion pickle and pepper on my dogs, mopp ’em, and nothing else.
    Accoridng to Tim it seems a person can tell which side of Chicago a person is from, no, not by his choice of baseball teams, but from his choice of hot dog condiments. Interesting.

    I told Tim about the way railroad workers used to come into Moishe’s at noon and order fourteen, fifteen hot dogs to go and french fries blackened with pepper to keep them warm in the winter. They said it really works.
    So, what’re your fav hot dog toppings?

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