World War II memorial in the upper Arb at Carleton

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While on a walk yesterday in the Upper Arb, I noticed this memorial near the rec center. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Text on the plaque in the center photo:

In memory of those members of the 70th Army Air Force Technical Training Detachment (AADTTD), stationed at Carleton College in 1943, who gave their lives for their country.

Flight C: Carl O. Hammarlund
Flight D: Robert H. Eaton, Delmar L. Kiesling
Flight E: Donald J. Charlevoix
Flight F: William B. Croft, Milton C. Krueger

Text on the plaque in the right photo:

“Grant that this grove of trees may be a reminder to future generations of the men who spent those many months at this place fifty-five years ago and who now express their gratitude to God, to their country, and to this College.”

– Pastor Gordon A. Selbo, member of the 70th Army Air Force Technical Training Detachment, at the dedication ceremony on August 7, 1999 recognizing the men of the 70th who studied at Carleton during World War II.

I’m going to do a series of blog posts over the coming months on all the memorials in the Northfield area. Want to help? Contact me with ones you know of. Include photos and text, if possible. I’ll credit you. I’ll also tag/categorize all these blog posts with “Northfield area memorials” to make it easy to see them all in one place.

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