Northfield News Does Well on Coverage of the Comprehensive Planning Process

In a previous post, Griff took the Northfield News to task for their coverage of the Garden Show in Wednesday’s issue.

But the News deserves kudos for the amount of space they devoted to next week’s series of meetings on the Comprehensive Plan. There was a front-page article, an editorial from the desk of the new Publisher and Editor, Sam Gett (pronounced “Jet”), and a guest column from community outreach task force member Suzy Nakasian.

It’s encouraging to see a community newspaper doing its duty to the citizens by correctly judging the importance of this issue, and devoting the time and resources to this kind of coverage. Thank you, Sam, Suzanne, and Suzy!

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  1. Susan Hvistendahl said:

    Props also to the Northfield News for the informative coverage of Raymond Jacobson and his sculpture “Harvest” (by Dan Iverson) on page 1A,8A and a separate article “‘Harvest’ is a Defining Work for Jacobson'” on 12A (not to mention showing how that work fits into 5th Street plans on 2A)last Saturday (or Saturday-Sunday, as they prefer to date it now).
    This will go into Jake’s file at the Northfield Historical Society and be of use to future students of Northfield’s history. I am not sure if it will ever be readily accessible to everyone on-line, though, if you google his name.

    April 2, 2007

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