Utne Reader’s Northfield connection

Lynette Lamb, Griff Wigley, Jessica Paxton

Locally Grown’s historical roots go back to my days when I worked at Utne Reader.

So when I saw both Lynette Lamb and Jessica Paxton (former Utne-ites) at last Friday night’s War Kids Relief fundraiser (Lynette’s on the CCC board), I had to get between them for a photo. Smearing cream cheese on the shoulders of their dresses made it all the more memorable.

Lynnette worked in media relations for Carleton for a couple of years and hired Jessica. Lynette’s now a managing editor at Macalester.

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  1. Jessica Paxton said:

    Yes, I’ve often said that Northfield is some sort of Utne vortex. (Although in this case, I guess it shifted to Dundas). Griff, might a suggest a pocket pack of handiwipes??!? Actually, I’m glad to have the mystery solved — I thought I had developed an out-of-control case of dandruff.

    January 14, 2009

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