Blogger and Twitter alert: RepJ’s Professor Witt is in town

Bonnie Obremski and Leonard Witt

Representative Journalism (RepJ) creator Leonard Witt (professor at KSU in Georgia, Public Journalism Network blogger) arrived in Northfield last night for a series of meetings (through Saturday) on the Northfield RepJ project at its six-month point. We tried to find him a set of long underwear last night before dinner at the Rueb ‘N’ Stein, but alas, the entire state is sold out on that item for some reason. Luckily, his room at the Archer House has a hot tub.

Len and RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski were having breakfast at The Tavern this morning. We’re having boxed lunches from The HideAway today, meetings in John Schott’s Cinema & Media Studies department at Carleton this afternoon, and as Bonnie blogged earlier, there’s an open meeting that y’all are invited to at the Bittersweet Eatery Saturday morning at 10.

Update 1/17 at 11 am 3pm: new photos – yesterday’s RepJ/LoGroNo mtg at Carleton; RepJ feedback session this morning at Bittersweet Eatery; RepJ lunch at Chapati; Len Witt, paparazzi (continued…)


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    I’ve added a photo from yesterday’s RepJ/LoGroNo mtg at Carleton and other from the RepJ feedback session this morning at the Bittersweet Eatery.

    January 17, 2009
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    I’ve added two more RepJ photos from lunch today.

    January 17, 2009
  3. Leonard Witt said:

    Hello Northfield:

    Thanks for the warm welcome. All the discussions that Griff mentions above were very fruitful. I am studying my notes as we plan for the next five months of the RepJ trial in Northfield.

    I noticed at our community meeting on Saturday that although there were disagreements, everyone agreed that: They want high quality, ethically sound journalism. So no matter what each individual’s point of view, that’s the common touchstone. Now we all have to work together to find models to make that high quality, ethically sound journalism sustainable over the years to come.

    January 19, 2009

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