Celebrating MLK Day with service

19service-600 Barack Obama spent this morning volunteering at the Sasha Bruce Youthwork shelter in Washington DC. See the NYTimes: Obama Celebrates Holiday With Service. If you’re looking for ways to do service here in Northfield, check the resources on the 5th Bridge site.

300-300See these two YouTube videos that he and his wife Michelle made to help launch the USAservice.org website, another tool for locating currently available service opportunities. (continued)

3 thoughts on “Celebrating MLK Day with service”

  1. Looked like a token effort. Lets see how much the Obamas continue to participate. Photo ops are not comunnity service.

  2. Of course it is a token effort, but perhaps symbolic effort would be a better term for it. I would rather the President spent his time digging us out of this economic mess than doing volunteer service. He is trying to inspire others to follow his (symbolic)example.

  3. Symbolic photo ops don’t get the job done. Nor does spending us into a hole so deep you will never see light. The economic mess would be better served if the President and his crowd (both parties) kept their hands off and let the priviate sector sort through the mess. The Federal Government has NEVER fixed anything is recent history.

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