Locally Grown: show for week of 10.15.06

The focus of this week’s episode was transportation, specifically, County Highway 1 and the Corridor Preservation Study for Rice County. See Tracy’s But Where Does the Bridge Go? post last week for background, links, and a map. “The idea behind the study is to identify potential routes for an east-west arterial road south of Hwy. 19, since the 2025 Rice County Transportation Plan indicates that such a road may be needed.”

Other topics briefly touched: Center for Sustainable Living’s Community Composting project, the Farmer’s Market, Mill Towns Trail, Third Thursday, and the proposed Northfield Skateboard Park.

You won’t hear my voice, as I was off to a meeting in the Cities with my financial advisor who’s also on my compensation committee.

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  1. […] Now Where was that Transportation List? By Ross Currier On last week’s Locally Grown show, Tracy and I discussed transportation, particularly east-west vehicular connections and its relationship to an upcoming Rice County corridor study. I had mentioned a list of community priorities, summarized below, and several people have asked me about the source. It’s basically my summary from Chapter 8 of the Comprehensive Plan. […]

    October 24, 2006

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