Feedback wanted on the revamped Northfield Historical Society blog site

Hayes ScrivenBad-boy Hayes Scriven, AKA NHS ED, alerted me to the new revamped Northfield Historical Society blog site. (No, I wasn’t involved. I don’t know who was.) He’s looking for feedback and is willing to take his lumps in public here on LoGroNo. He looks as grumpy as he did last July, though, so be careful how you speak to him. (continued)


7 thoughts on “Feedback wanted on the revamped Northfield Historical Society blog site”

  1. I like the site quite a lot. The only thing I would change is the speed of the image rotation. The speed is currently too fast, and way too distracting.

    What would be VERY cool is to make all of the old and new pictures Sepia, so they all have the old time brown tint. Less harsh, and more with the feel of the site.

    If at all possible, standardize the size of the photos attached to the blog posts, and alternate them left/right/left as you post.

    Nice Job!

  2. I like the new look . . . just slow down the slideshow on the home page! I get dizzy trying to focus on the wonderful pictures. You don’t need to change pics that quickly. We’ll stay and watch.

  3. The speed is much better. Now add captions under each picture so that we know what we’re looking at. Citizen Robert Bierman is acting as what historical person and why? What year is the Division Street scene? etc.

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