Winners: Best of Northfield, 2008

bestofnfld2009-sshot The gang at the NEG (Rob Schanilec and Abby Erickson) has spoken: “Here are the results of the Northfield Entertainment Guide and Locally Grown readers’ poll of the Best of Northfield (4-page PDF). Hundreds of ballots and one hands-down winner – that would be you for having such great stuff to choose from! So take a gander at our readers’ picks and get out there and enjoy! And make mental notes for January 2010 when we’ll do it again.” (Update 1:45 PM: Audio of KYMN show discussing the winners added.)

feb09neg-sshotThe Feb. 2009 issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide (PDF) is now available throughout Northfield, and on Monday both in Flash and PDF formats on their site.

At 12:30 today, Rob Schanilec and I were on KYMN Radio 1080 with Dusty Budd, talking about the Best of Northfield 2008. Here’s the audio of that show:

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    Rob Schanelic and I will be on KYMN 1080 AM at 12:30 PM today, talking about the Best of Northfield 2009.

    January 30, 2009
  2. John S. Thomas said:

    This is a very good guide, but I think there are also some very great things that sometimes do not get listed that we all enjoy.

    I like to think that these are the hidden gems of Northfield:

    • The Meatball Sub and Fries from B&L. They take the bun, and cook it like garlic bread, then add tons of meatballs and cheese, then bake it in the oven. That and the thick trans-fat free fries are AWESOME!
    • Lunch at Buntrock Commons – St. Olaf One of the most awesome cafeterias ever! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and open to the public. Simply amazing.
    • Kings Room – St. Olaf. This is excellent during the week, but four stars plus on Sunday. A great Prime rib, and a great brunch for about $12.50. You must make reservations.
    • The Saturday Special at the Tavern You must have Saturday breakfast at the tavern. It is simply the best.
    • Tiny’s A crown jewel of Northfield. One must have a Chicago dog as often as possible!
    • Best Ice Cream – November to February I really like Dairy Queen, and our family rotates between DQ, Hogans, and Cocoa Bean. All three are great, so this one is a tough call. Hogans seems to be open later on winter evenings, so they get a slight edge.
    • Best Ice Cream – February to November Dairy Queen, but Cocoa Bean makes a MEAN shake. Grundy’s is pretty good, but not as family friendly as it needs to be after 4 PM.
    • Best Quick Healthy Dinner to go This award goes to the Ole Cafe. Try the pizzas and salads for a nice change of pace.
    • Family Friendly Dinner Beef O Brady’s is a good place. They have salads for the kids, and they can choose from about 7 or 8 items on the menu. The environment is friendly and safe and the staff is great. Try them on a Tuesday evening with your family.
    • Best Meat Farm on Wheels, either at the Farmers Market, or in front of the shopping center on Market Street. They have outstanding products, and the 1/3 burgers are great on the grill or on the Foreman during the winter. Thousand Hills meats available at Just Foods are outstanding as well.
    • Best Dogs and Brats for grilling Nerstrand Meats hands down. It is a drive, but the brats are amazing for summer cookouts. The brats and weiners from Lorentz Meats in Cannon Falls, available at Econo are also very good.
    • Best Corn All of the stands are awesome. I just wish the season lasted longer. I flash froze some, and I think we are down to our last 6 ears.

    I invite others to add their own. I will add more later, as I need to head downtown.

    We are truly blessed in this town with some OUTSTANDING “bests!”

    January 31, 2009
  3. Griff Wigley said:

    Great comment, John… let’s have more comments about who/what should have won.

    Just a reminder to everyone: the discussion here is not intended for criticism of the winners or runners-up. It’s not me or anyone else posting our personal reviews which would then fair targets for disagreement. It’s just reporting what people voted for.

    I’ve removed a couple of comments by someone who mixed harsh criticism in with his preferred winners and asked him to resubmit.

    February 1, 2009
  4. Paul Seguin said:

    Hi Griff,

    I think I can speak for all Rocky Cast & Crew in thanking you and the NEG. We are curious who votes and who else was considered. We were all a bit surprised in that we didn’t know there was a vote. I don’t believe any of us voted. But we will take it….


    February 1, 2009

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