Shumway promoted after rigorous interview process

IMG_5968.JPGThe Board of Directors of the First National Bank Northfield has promoted longtime president Dave Shumway to CEO after a rigorous interview process.

In a test designed to measure an individual’s willingness to push the limits, Shumway was only one of the finalists to successfully evade OSHA inspectors while screwing in a light bulb one-handed at the top of a step ladder in front of handicap-access entrance/exit door. Click photo to enlarge.

In a test designed to measure an individual’s ability to handle stress, he was the only finalist who did not throw up while undergoing significant G-forces in front of a hysterical audience.

Click play to watch. 33 seconds.

Full press release here (PDF).

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  1. Griff, you uncharacteristically missed the most critical part of this announcement, which is that this long-awaited promotion from President to CEO effectively doubles Dave’s hourly compensation from $0.0 to $00.00.

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