Guess the new restaurants coming to Division Street

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Since I’ve proven to be horrible on the reporting of soon-to-open-restaurants, I’m taking the easy way out this time. How about someone else goes first? I have it on good authority (coffeehouse rumor-mongering) that new restaurants will likely be opening (I actually have approval from the owner of one of these spaces to reveal the details) in these Division St. spaces (click photos to enlarge):

Left: the former Cocoa Bean space next to the Arts Guild
Left center/right center: the former Las Delicias/Ideal Cafe space next to the GBM
Right: the Tattoos & Body Piercing space in the Storlie building.

So what’s your prediction? What rumors have you heard?

22 thoughts on “Guess the new restaurants coming to Division Street”

  1. Waffles…

    As long as they open at 6 AM, so I can get waffles to go, and GBBM coffee for the commute.

    Happy times!
    Any rumors of anything going into the Crossroads area as well?


  2. Humm.. Cocoa Bean Space:

    I would guess, since the CCB space does not have much for kitchen space, and the deck is off the back, that Ol’ Norm is planning an expansion of the Contented Cow, or some food element that ties into the Cow.

    Ideal Space:
    I’m betting waffles, but that sure looks like one heck of a tear-out. What ever is going in has to have some big $$ behind it.

    Tattoo Space:
    Humm.. This doesn’t strike me as a resturant space, although, I believe it is quite large inside. One would think it would need extensive remodel to make a kitcen space. I have never been inside, only viewed when walking by. I think it would be a good space for a college friendly takeout, or light food such as deli. I think the area is coffee shop saturated however. I think this is probably another Griff fantasy.

    I would love to know though. Please share.


  3. Storlie building: Waffle bar (lots of toppings!)

    Old Ideal: Upscale brick oven pizza place; I hope they get a liquor license!

    Cocoa Bean space: I ain’t heard nuthin’.

  4. Griff,

    you have to spill the beans. I think Tracy and John are correct. Waffles in Storlie, pizza in ideal and Norm expands cow offerings in CCB.

    and yes pizza without beer would, why bother. It’s like a brat without mustard.

    where’s the meebo?

  5. I would love a waffel shop! Not JUST with lots of toppings, but LOTS of innard choices too! like banana chocolate chip or blueberry almond. Dang, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

    Pizza sounds delectable as well.

  6. The only thing surprising about Jerry writing a post about beer is that he set his brew down long enough to type it. (I kid Jerry because I care. Or because I can. One of the two.)

    My source (or at least the voice inside my head) is telling me pet supply with an emphasis on exotic bird seeds.

  7. Some consider the Raven to be wise, but the Raven is also a trickster!

    Sushi? have not heard any rumors about that. Are you teasing us Griff?

    Brick oven pizza was happening then not. I put money on that. slice and a pint? now we’re talking.

    Waffles, heard that one more than once. Waffle and a Summit, delightful!

    Poetry and a monkey pint? could happen. Only in my dreams… Would the Raven pour a cold one at a Monkey store?

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