Local pastor organizing bus trip to find Jesus at strip club

Riverside Baptist Church After seeing this article in last week’s StarTribune, Between Jesus and Jay-Z: The word of God came to local rapper Xross in a strip club, Northfield Riverside Baptist Church pastor Cory Ellingston has organized a bus trip to Deja Vu Dreamgirls in downtown Mpls. this Friday night.

“I can safely say that if we fill the bus, the odds are good that at least one of us will find Jesus there, even if it takes several trips,” Ellingston said.  “I’m hoping the men in our congregation will rise to the occasion and treat this as a holy pilgrimage.”

11 thoughts on “Local pastor organizing bus trip to find Jesus at strip club”

  1. We got some complaints about my linking to the actual strip club in Mpls so that’s been removed. I really didn’t think about it much as I was just doing what I normally do in a blog post… LINK. And in the case of a faux news piece, it adds to the, um, credibility.

    I didn’t see any hardcore porn on the site’s homepage and of course, anyone that knows how to copy/paste a phrase into Google would get there anyway.

    I don’t think a link implies endorsement. And this wasn’t a trick link either, like the Whitehouse.com controversy a few years ago. It was clear what I was linking to.

    Alas, I’ve got work to do and no more time today to debate this. But feel free to chime in with your opinion, pro and con.

  2. David, yep, Deja is a legit business but we don’t owe them a link. I think I try to keep my edgy stuff here somewhere between PG-13 and R. So that link to Deja could be seen as a link to R-rated material… which is not the same as actually displaying R-rated stuff.

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