Deal or no deal? An intern story

bonniecoverpage2The last week in January, I interviewed three professionals who are trading their know-how for the ingenuity (and, to a certain extent, free labor) of interns from Northfield’s two colleges. One partnership has already led to an art project, transforming discarded steel breadboxes into women’s breastplate armor. And there is promise that another trade could result in two new Web sites that could help boost the careers of local ceramic artists and rock stars.

Click on the image to see the latest story from the Representative Journalism Project. Once you’ve read the story, looked at the videos and photographs, and perhaps added to the Northfield Barters public forum, start the discussion here at the bottom of this post. Later, I will write some post-story commentary on my “RepJ” blog.


  1. OK people, tell me, am I on the right track here with RepJ? 🙂

    February 7, 2009

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