Podcast: an impromptu visit from Mayor Mary Rossing

Mary Rossing and the LoGroNo TriumvirateWe’d planned to do yesterday’s show all by our lonesomes. But halfway through, Northfield Mayor Mary Rossing stopped by KYMN studios to record an ad for her store and barged in graciously joined us to talk about recent Council decisions on the liquor store and Way Park street closure.


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  1. Ross Currier said:

    Griff –

    Shouldn’t you have posted a warning with this particular show…

    …something along the lines of:

    “The first ten minutes are devoted to an analysis of EDA Subcommittees, a recycling of the old joke about ‘an Atheist, a Catholic, and a Jew walk into a strip club’, and the realization that nobody can compete with Brendon Etter in drag”?

    • Ross
    February 5, 2009
  2. Ross Currier said:

    …although I will note, Griff, that there is some actual substance to this particular show, mostly contained in the last twenty minutes.

    I thought our discussion of some of the winners of the NEG’s “Best in Northfield” use of Web 2.0 promotional techniques could serve as an introduction the subject for interested business people.

    Perhaps Tracy might take it to the next level with a post on the topic.

    Mary’s description of the Council decision-making process on the Liquor Store was brief and illuminating, at least in my opinion.

    Finally, her detailing of the decision regarding Way Park, as well as the Council’s subsequent directions to City Staff and the Park Board, were something that I found in no other discussion of the subject.

    An analysis on the Council’s methodology, with a highlighting of various roles and responsibilies, for the two decisions might make for an interesting post too.

    So back to yesterday’s radio show, I’ll suggest that the “one-third, two-thirds” mix is characteristic of LoGro…

    …and I’m sure Tracy and I would agree about that “one-third”.

    February 5, 2009

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