Photo album: New Moon Trio at the Contented Cow; band draw fans from St. Peter

New Moon Trio with Daitra Wersal, Jon Wersal It might have the promotional blog post of the R-rated third set but whatever, Jon and Daitra Wersal made the trek from St. Peter to Northfield last night to hear the New Moon Trio at the Contented Cow. Their dancing and singing inspired us all.  See the album of 10 photos. (continued)


7 thoughts on “Photo album: New Moon Trio at the Contented Cow; band draw fans from St. Peter”

  1. Jon and Daitra told us that they were looking for a quick little getaway. They’d gotten a babysitter lined up, and were looking for a place close to their home in St. Peter.

    They did a Google search for live music in southern Minnesota, somehow found the New Moon Trio website, liked the sound of our third set, booked a room at the Archer House, ate dinner at The Tavern, caught our performance at The Cow, and were last seen heading to the Rueb-N-Stein. Heads on beds accomplished.

    So, are there lessons for the CVB in this story? Hmmm, I’ll follow up with Hayes over a beer. I will note that Jon and Daitra said that Northfield could use a place that had dancing on Friday and Saturday nights.

    And Jon, I have four words, or phrases, for you, “Partick’s”, “John Meyer”, “minnow”, and “Big W”.

  2. Tracy- Does this mean we will have to pay a commission to post here, now, since the blog is now a documented advertising firm for Northfield?

  3. Reminds me of when Jesse James’ great-grandson, Judge Ross, came to Froggy Bottoms, fortified himself with Scotch and sang karaoke for the first time. Visitors can have a lot of fun in town and I am glad Jon and Daitra enjoyed their stay.

  4. Thanks for all the blogging on our visit. We had a great time and will be watching for the next appearence of the New Moon Trio!!!

    And yes – heads on pillow was accomplished

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