Norwegian jam session schism: Nordic Jam, Northern Roots Session

Nordic Jam, 2004 A peek at the old Nordic Jam old website indicates that there’s been a split among the musicians who conduct weekly Norwegian music jam sessions in Northfield. Nordic Jam can now be found at this Nordic Jam Yahoo Group and this Nordic Jam Facebook Group. They play Monday evenings from 7:00pm at the Ole Cafe. Northern Roots Session has their own web page. They play Sunday evenings, 7:30pm at The Contented Cow.

Anyone know what the hell happened? (Photo is from June, 2004.)


  1. Paul Fried said:

    Griff, this is kind of old history …. But schism? Perhaps too harsh a word. The orgiginal Nordic Jam inspired a variety of groups which began to put down roots of their own; besides the Monday night Nordic Jam and Sunday night Northern Roots, there’s also a bluegrass jam at the Cow, as well as a duo that plays regularly as of late, and I believe other groups and occasional jams as well that owe some debt to the original Nordic Jam.

    On the brighter side, instead of the organized religion metaphor (I’m surprised, coming from you, Griff), maybe it’s more like dandilion seeds on the wind. Or like the Beatles and “Let it Be”?

    I was not at the heart of the discussions but have attended both the pre-“Let it Be” and post-“Let it Be” incarnations. But as with all groups that grow in size and begin to outgrow their original “charter” or expectations, some in the group may want to practice more, or have a certain specific repertoire, or avoid another kind of repertoire, or meet in a certain venue, or meet on a certain night that is not as convenient to others, etc. As much as I participate and understand the history, I think it was a good thing, tho’ such things can always be awkward and/or painful in spots.

    Some feel that way about the Protestant Reformation too, I s’pose. I don’t know how dandilions feel.

    But it’s a good thing. There’s more music in town now. More people came out of the woodwork and jammed, figured out their musical interests, met other folks with similar interests. I don’t think there are many venues in town that are open regularly and would hold all the musicians the original thing accumulated around itself. So it’s good. More leaven for the rest of the dough, and more musicians dusting off their instruments and practicing regularly, at least at regular jams.

    Griff, do you play an instrument? Spoons? Tuba? Trombone? There might be room for you.

    February 17, 2009
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Thanks for the detailed comment, Paul.

    I do play air guitar. Which group is likely to accommodate me?

    February 18, 2009
  3. John said:

    All of them. Monday Nor/Jam, Sunday Northern roots and Tuesday Bluegrass/oldtime. Grab your axe and your picks, then come join in the fun.

    February 18, 2009

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