Cougar hoax visits Northfield

hoax-related cougar I know I do my part to create and spread Northfield-related faux news but I also spend a fair amount of time debunking items that people see fit to alert me to via email. Last week, it was an email with a photo about a cougar reportedly shot in SE MN. The Strib ran two stories on it: Is Minnesota becoming cougar country? and A cat with more than nine lives. The Wisconsin DNR even has a cougar hoax page: Incorrectly Identified as Wisconsin Cougars

A check of the premier hoax/rumor verification site, Snopes, tells the complete story of this cougar/mountain lion: ‘real photograph, inaccurate description.’   So please, when in doubt, first check Snopes before forwarding emails or blogging about seemingly hard-to-believe items.

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