Comings and goings at the HideAway, Oolala

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Left photo: Linda Barck (center) departs her morning post at the James Gang HideAway next week. She’ll be going to work for a company called Healthsense, a spinoff of Redwing Technologies where her husband Terry Barck works. I took this photo yesterday morning as she was training her replacements, Lindsey Saunders (left) and Anna Thomas.
Center: the new owners of Oolala, Pat Prill (L) and daughter Jess Prill, posing with grandmother Faye Malmberg last night at the Division St. store.
Right: Pat and Jess with employees Hannah Crippen and Suzanne Donkers in the background. Click all photos to enlarge. More about Oolala and the Prills in Anne Brett’s blog post on


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