TwitterA few months ago Griff and Ross each wrote a blog post about Twitter and tweeting and twits, respectively.

I’m here to provide an update, and to try to get more Northfielders to try out this technology. Maybe we can become the first community of microblogging, hyperlocal, placebloggers. (continued)

If you want to know a little more about Twitter – why it’s all the rage and how it’s being used – here’s an 8-minute TEDTalk by Twitter founder Evan Williams, which is well worth watching for its description of the service, how it started, and innovative ways it’s being used.

Although there are a myriad of possibilities for Twitter, I’m looking at it as another community-builder and am interested in how Northfield and Locally Grown might develop this tool. Right now several of us in the LoGro community use Twitter. Griff is griffinjay on Twitter; Bonnie is BonnieObremski; I’m tld; Joey Robinson/JustFood is JustFoodCoop; Christopher Tassava is tassava.

I’ve set up a LocallyGrown twitterstream, LoGroNfld, which at this time is broadcast-only and tweets when a new post goes up on LoGro, or a new item is added to alerts, public notices, meetings, and what’s new from the City website. LoGroNfld on Twitter may be redundant for many of you who subscribe to our content in other ways, but the way we use it will probably evolve.

If you’re on Twitter, please add your Twitter ID to the comments below so we can easily follow you. If you’re not on Twitter, but want to try it out, sign up for a free account. We promise to be nice to all newbies.

12:30pI forgot to add that our Contact | LG Live page has embedded Twitter feeds for Griff, Bonnie, and me, so you can see how we’re each using Twitter and the sort of thing we tweet about.


  1. Anthony Pierre said:

    you have to be careful about automated tweets. Some people will view them as spam, cause they really don’t have any info in them.. then they will remove you.

    I think twitter is overrated as a day to day thing.

    I also think it is underrated for reporting on an event.

    March 2, 2009
  2. Ross Currier said:

    Hey Griff –

    Demetrio Maguigad of the Community Media Workshop just pitched Twitter to me again.

    More on that topic later,


    March 2, 2009
  3. Tracy Davis said:

    Anthony, if a Twitter account is known to be broadcast-only, that creates a different set of expectations, doesn’t it?

    I agree it’s redundant for people who already subscribe to LoGro via RSS, but we’ll see what results from this version of Twitter experiment.

    March 3, 2009

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