Northfield still has a movie theater

Viking Theater in St. Olaf’s Buntrock Commons Since Southgate Theater closed and became Culver’s, most locals assume that you have to travel to nearby towns to see movies in a movie theater. Not so. Last night, Robbie and I saw Quantum of Solace with many other Northfielders. Where?

At the Viking Theater in St. Olaf’s Buntrock Commons. True, there’s no popcorn available. But then, admission is free and each seat comes with a desk for your own pop and peanuts.

4 thoughts on “Northfield still has a movie theater”

  1. There IS a source of ice cream, pop, and other goodies to munch on while watching the movie, right next door at the St. Olaf book store. Cozy, cheery little spot. I wonder if Carlton has a movie program too? Anyone know?

  2. This is pretty sweet. I didn’t know about this little cinematic opportunity when I posted this story on the KYMN site.

    Here’s a photo I shot showing no remaining floor space at the Bridgewater movie night last month.

  3. Carleton does in fact have a movie program. It’s called SUMO. Films are shown every Friday and Saturday night in Olin 149 (a large lecture hall).

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