Locally Grown site traffic report for February, 2009

Locally Grown site traffic report for February, 2009 LoGroNo (Locally Grown Northfield) traffic for February was a mixed bag, according to Google Analytics.  Site visitors set a record, going past 8,000 for the first time; pageviews and visits were down 8-10%. That may be because I’m now able to prevent pageviews and visits by me, Ross, Tracy and Bonnie from adding to the totals.

I’m comparing Feb. to Dec., as we lost the stats for a good chunk of January when I forgot to replace the code in the footer during the site changeover to a new theme. I’ve since installed a plugin to prevent a reoccurance (continued)


  • 20,206 Visits; Previous: 22,185 (-8.92%)
  • 8,169 Absolute Unique Visitors; Previous: 7,545 (+8.27%)
  • 47,056 Pageviews; Previous: 52,832 (-10.93%)

The blog posts of the month getting the most pageviews:

  1. Guest blogger Kathleen Galotti: My objections to the proposed changes to the school calendar
  2. A rejected obituary photo: offensive or tasteful? (take the straw poll)


Number of people commenting during the month: 126 (previous, 114).

Number of comments posted during the month: 878 (previous, 849).

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  1. Tracy Davis said:

    Cool. Thanks for the update, Griff.

    I gotta get my ads going…

    March 2, 2009

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