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Friday (March 6) from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Just Food is hosting “Feeding Minnesota in Winter: A Local Farmer Panel Discussion (more).”

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The Monkey is gearing up for spring, literally. The bike gear has arrived. We’ve picked up some bike gear commuters should love. Lights, locks, bags, and few other handy items are now available at Monkey See, Monkey Read. Planet Bike, based in Madison, WI(original home of the monkeys), makes some of the best lights we’ve seen. This monkey loves his superflash/blaze combo so much, it’s mounted on the Africabike. We also have knog frog lights, a few knog bags, and some Pedros Ethik seat bags.

My favorite item has to be the Knog Hot Dog bag. This versatile bag can be used as a messenger bag or pannier. It has a laptop sleeve and it’s own rain jacket (more).

Yes, it’s having “technical difficulties” but the Frogblog is still alive and kicking!

Arts & Entertainment

An Evening with James Thurber: James Thurber was best known for his work with the New Yorker magazine, but he was an author, cartoonist and humorist. This performance, titled Men, Women, and Thurber will be a reader’s theater presentation (more).

  • Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (Ross Currier): Back to Roots, Back to Basics
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    It’s the annual National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street Conference. This year, it’s in not-so-far away Chicago (more).

  • Rough Draft Rob Hardy: Project 1929: “The True Heart”
    The True Heart, as Sylvia Townsend Warner reveals in her very brief introduction to the Virago reprint, is based on the story of Eros and Psyche as told in Apuleius’s The Golden Ass (more).

Special Interest

  • My Northern Garden (Mary Schier): Early Crop Beans?

    A few weeks ago, I was coming into the house through the garage when I noticed on the garage floor a few seeds from the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans I planted last summer (more).

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  • Blowing & Drifting (Christopher Tassava): Early Makes for Better Late than Never?

    Right about now, I should be checking into my hotel in Washington, D.C. Instead, I’m sitting at my desk in Northfield. This afternoon, I had literally just zipped up my suitcase when I decided to check my email one last time, and there discovered a message from Northwest informing me that my Sunday-evening flight to D.C. had been canceled due to bad weather out east. Crap (more).

  • Legalectric (Carol A. Overland): Eastern Wind Integration Transmission Study

    Look what turned up in the Green Power Express FERC pleadings, a reference to a presentation Matt Schuerger did for NREL. How is it that Matt Schuerger, a MECHANICAL engineer, they guy who, with Beth Soholt, asked me and six or seven others “what would it take for you to approve” the SW Minnesota 345kV “It’s for Wind NOT” line, a guy who is now working for the State of Minnesota as “Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce,” is now also, IN ADDITION TO AND AT THE SAME TIME, laying the groundwork for transmission across the Eastern Interconnect for NREL (more)?

  • Always Family Center (Carl Arnold): The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by John M. Gottman, Ph.D., and Nan Silver

    seven-principalsA practical guide to understanding what makes marriage, or long term commitment, work and what can cause its destruction, this book offers something helpful for every couple (more).

On the Radio

  • KYMN Radio: Court dismisses SaveWCAL petition, rules in favor of St. Olaf and MPR
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    NORTHFIELD – Last September the organization SaveWCAL filed a petition in Rice County to “redress a breach of charitable trust” by St. Olaf College concerning its sale of radio station WCAL to Minnesota Public Radio four years earlier. The petition asked that the sale be voided (more).

Politics & Government

Today is the Capitol Climate Action, a rally that will feature mass civil disobedience and protest at the Capitol Power Plant, the coal-fired power plant that provides electricity to the U.S. Capitol. One thousand college students are expected to participate (more).

In the months ahead, our state will have to resolve one of the largest budget deficits of the last 30 years. Our current economic climate is poor and according to forecasters will grow worse before improving (more).

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This week I will be presenting a bill in the Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee that would curb payday lending abuse in Minnesota. A payday loan is an expensive product that tends to trap borrowers into an endless cycle and a downward spiral of debt.


Bonnie Jean in conversation with students
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ARTech, like all charter schools, has a sponsor. Charter schools must have a contract with a sponsoring organization that can be a school district, an institution of higher learning, a nonprofit organization, or a foundation. ARTech and Prairie Creek are both sponsored by the Northfield School District. As part of our contract, we report to the district each year, sharing the school’s annual report (more).

Julie Neiworth, Professor of Psychology and Director or Neuroscience, published an article in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, February issue, 2009, together with Carleton alumni Elizabeth Johnson, Katie Whillock, Julia Greenberg, and Vanessa Brown (more).

“Food for Thought” is a student-run initiative at Carleton to reduce food waste in the Burton and LDC dining halls. According to Food for Thought, the Carleton dining halls produce about 2,700 pounds of food waste per day (more).


Please click on the March 2009 Chronicle for church news and interesting events happening at First UCC this month!

College Sports

  • Carleton College Athletics: Franco Wins Pole Vault at Pre-MIAC Meet
    ST. PAUL, Minn. – Evan Franco (Jr./Austin, Texas/James Bowie) won the pole vault at the Pre-MIAC Meet with a personal-best height of 4.30 meters (14’ 1.25”). That was Carleton’s lone event victory, but a total of 20 personal records were set by the Knights in their final tuneup for the MIAC Indoor Championships.


NORTHFIELD, Minn. – Saturday’s MIAC men’s hockey playoffs semifinal game between St. Olaf and Hamline at Northfield Ice Arena has sold out.


Many thanks to everyone who came to the Skateboard Coalition’s pancake breakfast Sunday morning at Applebee’s. The event raised more than $450 to support a skateboard plaza in Northfield (more).

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