Think spring! Get out there and practice your nose wheelies

Stew MoyerIt was about 15 degrees F on Saturday afternoon (but sunny!) when I took these photos of Stew Moyer, in shirtsleeves and um, rubber gloves, doing nose wheelies and riding backwards on his one-speed bike in the Grastvedt Lane parking lot downtown.

Stew Moyer Nice paint job, Stew.

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  1. Jerry Bilek said:

    the beauty of the single speed, simplicity at it’s best. It took some doing, but Stew and Mike convinced this monkey the single speed is the way to go. they stripped the ancient gears off my old Stumpjumper and made it a singles speed. I’m hooked.

    Mike’s Bikes is a veritable museum of single speed bikes. Griff, you should get a picture of the Pugsley. It has tires that are 4 inches wide.

    March 3, 2009

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