In the Loop; the future of Locally Grown?

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I attended the taping of MPR’s In the Loop show tonight at their new UBS Forum, a public meeting space. The About page for the show says:

We like to think of it as a radio show for people who talk back to their radio. Our goal is to push the boundaries of public radio, opening the way for new voices, new attitudes, new radio techniques, and an entirely new way of relating to our listeners.

The theme for tonight’s show (which airs this Friday, Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 22 at 6 p.m.):

Why bother to vote? Why stick your neck out by running for office against a “safe” incumbent? Why give money to a political candidate? Why do those people in political ads sound like they’re trying to scare us? Why is it just a little unsettling to see a mirror of ourselves in a race for student council?

It was a hoot. Host Jeff Horwich is funny and engaging, the skits and pre-produced stuff were well-done, and the music by their house band, The Smarts, was terrific. The show’s producers are really making an effort to involve the audience in the creation of the show, not just during the show. They invite their audience ‘collaborators’ to brainstorm with them at a local bar once a month to help plan the next show. Another form of citizen journalism. I didn’t contribute but I have submitted this audio comment to the show.

It’s what Locally Grown could become. Just click on those photos above and imagine the venue being The Grand here in Northfield, with Jellystone Yogi as our house band. It reminds me of the parallels between Prairie Home Companion and Over and Back.

Here’s a two-minute video clip I took towards the end of the show, with a little music and a little wrap-up from Jeff.

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