The ‘Welcome to Dundas’ sign

 Welcome to Dundas Welcome to Dundas Archibald Mill painting Archibald Mill 2008

Left: There’s a ‘Welcome to Dundas’ sign up on S. Hwy 3 just north of Kwik Kopy as you approach Cty. Rd 1 from the north. It’s easy to miss so I’m not sure when the sign went up. Last fall?
Left Center: It’s an attractive sign. Anyone know who designed and created it?
Right Center: At the center of the sign is a painting of the Archibald Mill on the Cannon River.
Right: the Archibald Mill (Wikipedia entry/photo) as of summer, 2008.


  1. CJ Betcher said:

    Sould someone move the sign closer to the highway? it’s really hard to see.

    March 10, 2009
  2. Eric Sieger said:

    I believe we’ve had the signs for a few years, just going around with MnDOT about placement. That’s why they’re so far from the highway. Others who are more knowledgeable than I will hopefully weigh in on this topic. They are very nice signs.

    March 10, 2009
  3. John McCarthy said:

    Signs are a collaboration between the Dundas Business and Professional Group and the City. Have been in existance for at least 3 years but communication and right of way problems have prevented putting up. B & P finally contacted private landowners to obtain permission to put the signs on their land. They placed the signs last fall. Problems were along Highway 3, but not all problems were of MnDOT’s creation. No problem with the one on Rice County ROW on #1 west of town.

    March 10, 2009

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