Former Northfield mail carrier makes history

Today’s StarTribune article, Northfield Historian Resurrected a Ghost Town, tells the story of Northfielder Alvin Houston, who made a significant contribution to our understanding and documentation of a piece of local history.

The story of Lewiston [MN], and the people who lived through its rise and fall, captivated longtime Northfield resident Alvin Houston. After learning the territory and meeting residents as a rural mail carrier, Houston spent decades documenting the ghost town’s history.

NHS volunteer Susan Hvistendahl did some of the editing of Houston’s research and was interviewed for this charming story.

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  1. One thing that was not mentioned in the article was the hard work put in by NHS volunteer Orrin DeLong. He was the one that brought the idea to NHS and really pushed the project along. In addition, the Houston Family Trust helped fund part of the project.

    You can purchase copies of the manuscript at the Northfield Historical Society Museum Store for $5.00.

    March 11, 2009

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