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Will Healy’s new Sunday night radio show on KYMN, ‘The Long Way Home’

longwayhomeNorthfielder Will Healy has a new music show called ‘The Long Way Home’ that airs on KYMN 1080 AM on Sunday nights, 7-9pm. Last week’s Feb. 1 show (blogged by Tim Freeland) featured the music of “women who move us” with Healy’s co-hosts David Henly and Rob Ryden. For tonight’s show, they’re promising a St. Valentine’s Day extravaganza.

Can the Shopper be stopped?

No Shopper please" sign No Shopper please" sign No Shopper please" sign Shoppers piling up
I noticed earlier this week that these two homes, next door to each other, both had “No Shopper please” signs on their front doors. I know one of the residents and they said their requests to the Northfield News to stop the Shopper hadn’t worked so they put up the signs.

In January, we at LG got an email from a local realtor, Arlen Malecha, alerting us to this article in Maryland: Lawmaker Wants ‘Do Not Deliver’ Bill For Newspapers; Proposal Would Stop Free Papers On Lawn. So back then I emailed Northfield News Publisher Sam Gett, asking:

Sam, Can delivery of The Shopper be halted by request? It’s an issue because they pile up at homes where no one’s living. It’s both messy and it communicates that the space is unoccupied.

Sam wrote back:

Griff, Yes, we can. Just send me the address and I’ll take care of it.

Sam’s email address and phone number are posted on the Northfield News contact page.