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lgbannertriumvirateposterxross-thumb Ross was AWOL yesterday so Tracy put on her PC-ZBA hat and I pretended to be interested, asking her about the latest with the annexations in Greenvale and Bridgewater townships as well as the Land Development Code. We introduced the show with lots of fun fluff, natch.

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Somehow, word of this got missed, so I’ll start at the end and work back to the beginning: There is an open house today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) from 4:00-6:00pm at Community Resource Bank, 1605 Heritage Drive. The purpose of the open house is to get reaction to each day’s work on design/concept charrettes drafted by HKG with input from the steering committee.  The charrettes are very much works in process. I’ll add details to this post as I can over the next couple of hours (I’m between meetings). But for now – please plan to attend the open house and give feedback on the concepts being considered.

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