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President Barack Obama delivers his first State of the Union address tonight at 8 pm CT.  Let’s critique the speech and his first year in office.


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nea-obamaI wonder how Northfield’s public education leaders will react to President Obama’s $4.35 billion "Race to the Top" fund competition. So far, the NEA is not happy. Among other reasons, they really don’t like charter schools, a fact noted by the Sunday Washington Post editorial titled Charter Success: Poor children learn. Teachers unions are not pleased (reprinted in the Strib today with the watered-down title More proof that charter schools work). More background: (continued)

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I got this email from a local resident:

Karl Rove posterI think it would be interesting to post something about St. Olaf’s decision to bring in Karl Rove on October 1st to speak.  I am actually quite appalled that our hometown Lutheran college would do such a thing.  Ann Coulter was one thing- she’s an over the top media freak who makes money by being just so.  Karl Rove, kindly known as "Bush’s Brain" is a criminal with little regard for the law or the betterment of our society.  Frankly, I think he’s evil and should be in jail!

The slightly defaced poster on the wall of the GBM (my photo above) has more to say, as well as the blog post on Oleville, by the Political Awareness Committee (PAC) of the St. Olaf Student Government Association (SGA) . (continued)

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schoolbadge2I spoke with Northfield Supt. Chris Richardson this morning. He’ll have a statement on the District’s web site around noon, basically stating that the District is leaving it up to the classrooms teachers on whether or not to show President Obama’s speech to students live, recorded, or not at all. I think that’s the best approach, unlike the recommendation from Northfielder Charlie Kyte, executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, to show the speech later. I’m hoping teachers show it live, as events are always more compelling when they’re live. I still remember watching President Kennedy’s inaugural address live as an 8th grader. I suppose others remember President George H.W. Bush’s speech to students in 1991.

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smead attorney letter sshot natalie perry smead A month ago I posted an update on the Natalie Smead story. Earlier this week, Natalie’s father, Pete Smead, let me know that the lawsuit had been settled earlier (see this Newsday article). And then he forwarded this letter (PDF) from the family’s attorney, Robert G. Sullivan to Mark Rosenker, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The letter addresses the question: Why would Long Island Railroad (LIRR) spend millions of dollars on gap repairs if Natalie was at fault in her own death? (continued)

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