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Why I’m voting for Tom Neuville

I’m pro-choice. I have no doubts that our globe is warming due to the fossil fuel addiction of homo-sapiens. I’m very much against any attempts to pass a State Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. On those issues, I’m liberal.

And yet I’m voting for conservative Tom Neuville for State Senate here in District 25. (Yes, he hired me as his weblog coach this summer, so feel free to dismiss this opinion on that account.)

I don’t forsee any big changes to Roe v Wade coming, no matter who gets elected. I don’t see much that can be done at the state level to turn the tide on global warming. And the marriage amendment is going to easily pass. So those aren’t practical deal-breakers for me.

But take a look at his recent three blog posts on:

Good stuff. I like it a lot that Tom focuses so much of his time and energy on issues like these, and has collegial relationships with enough Senate Democrats to get things done in these areas, as evidenced by his being the only Republican to chair a committee in the DFL-controlled Senate, the Family Law subcommittee.

These are issues that too often get ignored in favor of what Independence Party Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Hutchinson (whom I’m also voting for) calls “the 5 G’s” — guns, gays, God, gambling, and gynecology.


I like it a lot that Tom uses a civil tone when debating issues and that he consistently asks that others do likewise.

I like it a lot that Tom has been a supporter of charter schools since day 1.

I like it a lot that he has this photo of himself in this hat on his website.

Lt. Governor Carol Molnau at the Bittersweet

IMG_4393w800.jpg Lt. Governor Carol Molnau was in town this morning. I took this photo of her with the gang of morning regulars at The Bittersweet in the Archer House. She was stumping for Gov. Pawlenty and the Vote Yes transportation amendment.

In the photo, L to R: Unidentified Guy, Dan Freeman, Tom Neuville, Carol Molnau, Dick Daymont, Ray Cox, David Ludescher. Not pictured but present and accounted for: Marv Grundhoefer.

11 am update: Molnau later made an appearance on Wayne Eddy’s radio show, which including her arm-wrestling him. See this post on Ray Cox’s blog for details. (Full disclosure: I’m Ray’s blog coach, a hired gun.)