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The state celebrates its 151st birthday today. Did you know that Minnesota has more miles of shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined? I didn’t. Or that Minnesotan baseball commentator…

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418px-The_Three_Bears_-_Project_Gutenberg_etext_19993On MPR yesterday: Minn. House DFLers release education proposal: “The plan is the latest in a series of dueling education proposals at the Capitol that are playing out as a kind of ‘Three Bears’ scenario. The Senate education bill cuts funding for schools, the governor’s proposal increases funding and the House version keeps funding flat. “

It’s not clear yet where our Northfield-area legislators stand on these education proposals, as neither David Bly nor Kevin Dahle has blogged anything specific about them. (continued)

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A MNDOT crew was on the So. Hwy 3 bridge yesterday morning.  Can you guess what they were doing?

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Federal dollars might soon funnel into communities across the nation if the Senate passes the $789 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and many people are already speculating about how the bill might affect their communities. This week, State Senator Kevin Dahle (D-Northfield), Christopher Richardson, superintendent of Northfield’s public schools, and Michael Hemesath, chairman of Carleton College’s Economics Department, talked about their understanding of the bill and what Northfield citizens might expect if it becomes law, which could happen as early as Friday night (update 2/14/09 8:15 a.m. the Senate did pass the bill).

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