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Dan Bergeson joins the blogosphere


danblogsshot.gifDan Bergeson, NDDC board member and Director of Auxiliary Services and Special Projects at Carleton College, now has a blog called How come? If you don’t ask, you may never find out (AKA I’m Just Curious.)

(That’s Dan on the right during Taste of Northfield, making a pass at a woman who apparently was having her head examined.)

Northfield, Minnesota has no shortage of folks with opinions. I’m one of them and am pleased to share some of my ruminations with the world. Subjects will vary, but there will be a preponderence of postings on the physical nature of my community and region looking for answers to the question, “How did it come to be this way?” I invite any readers to share their thoughts and responses with me.

We’ve added Dan’s RSS feed to our right sidebar aggregator since it’s primarily a civic-issues blog.

Penny Hillemann joins the blogosphere

hillemann.jpgpenny.gifPenny Hillemann, communications counselor at Neuger Communications Group, has launched her own blog called Penelopedia: This & That in Northfield, MN.

Occasional observations on trying to live a bit greener and closer to nature, as I tend my small garden, eat more locally, cook from scratch more often, walk more, drive less, and pay attention to wildlife and the rhythms of season and climate. And stuff like that.