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I don’t partake myself but the local college students I talked to this week say today is a still a significant day. I don’t worry about it. The movie, It’s…

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The New York Times Magazine posted their ninth annual “Year of Ideas” issue. The above two items caught my eye; ideas like this are gaining traction. Read more here.

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Tracy Davis, Griff Wigley, no Ross Currierscott-hilburn-cartoonMy sweetie happened to walk by the KYMN studio window as we started recording this week’s show. Tracy waved her in and before I knew it, instead of discussing the politics of Northfield, we were discussing the politics of household chores, triggered by last week’s blog post on Deciphering the paradox of declining female happiness. This toilet-related Argyle Sweater cartoon by Scott Hilburn featured prominently in our discussion. Where were you when I needed you, Ross?

Click play to listen. 30 minutes.

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