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Shelby Boardman memorial at Carleton

Shelby Boardman memorial Shelby Boardman memorial Shelby Boardman memorial Shelby Boardman memorial Shelby Boardman memorial
Carlelton dedicated this memorial to former professor and dean Shelby Boardman last Saturday. It’s northeast of the Hill of Three Oaks, east of the rec center.

See the May 21 Carleton press release on the planned dedication of the memorial. Shelby’s wife, Jean, died a day after the dedication ceremony. Thanks to Jane McWilliams for sending me a photo of a photo of the Boardmans from the First UCC directory.

Shelby and Jean Boardman

R.I.P. Jean Boardman

jean boardman

Former Northfield School Board member Jean Boardman died of cancer yesterday morning, less than a day after a memorial to her husband Shelby Boardman was dedicated at Carleton. (Shelby died suddenly of a heart attack in January of 2007.) Jean, friends and family had been planning the memorial and dedication ceremony for many months and her cancer had been in remission up until three weeks ago, according to a family friend I spoke with this afternoon.

Jean was a member of the First United Congregational Church (First UCC). I was told that there will be an announcement of a memorial service soon, but that the service will likely occur in a few weeks as family and friends had all just traveled to be here last weekend for the memorial dedication. (I took photos of Shelby’s memorial site earlier this afternoon and will post them tomorrow.)

My apologies for the tiny photo of Jean. If anyone has or knows of a better one, please contact me.

No longer a Northfielder? What do you miss/not miss about it?

Julie Bixby and Becky TofteFormer NAG Executive Director Rebecca Tofte (AKA Becky Bazan) was visiting with Contented Cow manager Julie Bixby on the Cow’s upper deck on Wed. eve. She’s been living in Burnsville for the 18 months or so (see the Dec. 2006 goodbye party blog post/photos) and working at the MN Zoo Foundation.

I asked her what she missed most about Northfield.

Always running into people I knew.

I asked her what she didn’t miss about Northfield.

Always running into people I knew.

Google Analytics stats A glance at our Google Analytics stats for April shows that we had visitors from over 1,600 cities.


So if you used to live in Northfield, what do you miss/not miss most about it?

Clay Oglesbee promoted to Bishop, Deputy Emperor, Regional Manager, District Superintendent

Clay Oglesbee NUMC pastor Clay Oglesbee stops by my confessional at the GBM on a regular basis.

As a sometimes-blogger, plain talker, insightful observer, and a regular guy, he’s the kind of preacher that an atheist like me can relate to.

Plus, he’s quite easy to make fun of.

To wit:

So it was not good news for me last week when I heard that he’s been promoted to District Superintendent (southeast MN region) for the Methodist Church, as it means that he and Mary Lynn, the woman he’s been primarily been sleeping with for many years, must depart Northfield…. a requirement of the Church.

Here’s the press release:

Continue reading Clay Oglesbee promoted to Bishop, Deputy Emperor, Regional Manager, District Superintendent

Business-friendly Northfield

IMG_4393 Northfield is often accused of not being business-friendly, but here’s proof that that’s not always the case.

Downtown building owner and resident Bart deMalignon says he has a city permit that allows him to park his new Hummer in yellow no-parking zones (click the thumbnail to enlarge) throughout downtown since it’s too big for regular parking spaces.

Although this type of permit is not listed on the City’s Permit web page, anyone can apply for it by contacting the City Services Department.

Union of Youth Executive Director Josh Hinnenkamp: blogger, photographer

Josh_directt.jpgThe Union of Youth has one of the better organization blogs in town, with Executive Director Josh Hinnenkamp (AKA Joshua Jude) doing most of the blogging.

skateboarders_tn.pngHe’s been including lots of photos in his posts, too like the skateboarding photos from Healthy Kids Day last weekend. Keep it up, Josh!

FYI, next week, the Union of Youth’s Joe McGowan will be our podcast guest, talking with us about the proposed skatepark.