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 Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (PEHS) Kathy Jasnoch and Sandy Vesledahl
I got this email from Sandy Vesledahl recently. She and Kathy Jasnoch have been using their Locally Grown membership to post regular updates about Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (PEHS) to our membership sideblog… and just as important, engaging with people in conversation attached to their own blog posts:

Hey Griff – Something you might be interested in…I was looking at a report yesterday at the Humane Society that shows where the hits on our website are originating from and something like 35% of them are coming from Locally Grown. (continued)

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LG membership banner ad Back in early December when we launched the LG membership plan, I blogged that my goal for the week was 25 memberships.  That was a typo. I meant to say “for the upcoming quarter.” Heh.

Today, we hit 25 memberships: 8 businesses/organizations and 17 individuals/couples. Let’s call them the Founding Members!

To celebrate our modest success, I’m turning off the ad banners for a while to give everyone a break. (They’ll be back!)

Founding members include:


Photo by Bridgette Hallcock, taken at last year’s Susan Perry Memorial Walk for Animals Last week I got emails from Sandy Vesledahl and Bridgette Hallcock at Premier Bank, alerting me to an upcoming pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Rice County Humane Society (RCHS). (Dog photo by Bridgette, taken at last year’s Susan Perry Memorial Walk for Animals.) I assumed they wanted me to blog about it so I pitched them a Locally Grown membership instead:

‘Twould be great to have Premier Bank as a member of LG. Then you could promo events like this as a community service of Premier.  Of course, you can also promo bank-related products and services, too.

Sandy then had the brilliant idea of the bank not only buying a Locally Grown membership for themselves but a separate one for RCHS so that they could do their own sidebar membership blog posts.

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