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Coming soon: the next stage in the evolution of RepJ

It’s been six weeks since RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski departed Northfield. Lots has been happening behind the scenes since then to figure out how to best continue RepJ. Here’s the plan.

spotus.logoWith continued support from the new Center for Sustainable Journalism at KSU in Georgia, there’s going to be a Northfield version of Spot.Us, a community-funded reporting project operating in the Bay Area of California under the guidance of founder David Cohn. Their software platform is open-source and, with a lot of help from Ruby on Rails guru, Jared Mehle, I got it up and running yesterday. (continued)

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Photo album: Bonnie Obremski’s farewell party

Last night’s farewell party at the Contented Cow for RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski and her fiancé, Josh Rowan, was a rockin’ good time, with lots of well-wishers, music by the New Moon Trio (plus Bonnie), and a candy piñata. (I’ve turned off comments here. See Bonnie’s post for more on her farewell and comment there.)

See the album of 40 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

Farewell friends

Josh, my fiance, and I added two to the population when we arrived. Now, we're taking a Northfield native back out with us, our cat "Sarah Palin." Minus three!

Northfield, we’ve reached the hand off. The Representative Journalism Project has come to another turning point after eight months. Now, instead of reading the work of a transplanted, temporary journalist (me) you could soon have the opportunity to support the area’s indigenous writers. Those writers, sponsored by the public, would produce news material that could appear across a range of local media, including (More about that coming soon).

As the Representative Journalism Project collaborators have been hashing out the details of that new evolution, I came to the conclusion this month that perhaps one of the best things I could do to ensure the success of our latest ideas would be to step out of the way, instead of remaining until my work contract expired in July.

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Podcast: RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski on her departure from Northfield

Tracy Davis, Ross Currier, Bonnie Obremski, Griff WigleyJosh Rowan Our guest today was Bonnie Obremski who announced that she’s resigned her position as the reporter for the Northfield Representative Journalism project effective Friday. She and her fiancé, Josh Rowan (pictured at right doing a finger puppet show in the KYMN studio window), depart Saturday for Key West, FL. Bonnie will post her own announcement tomorrow here on LG, so I’ve turned off comments on this post.  Chime in on her post when you see it… and note the date, time and place of her going-away party on Friday eve.

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National Civic Review article features Locally Grown and RepJ

ncr-sshot ncr-logo The National Civic Review, the quarterly journal of the National Civic League (“Now in its 98th year of publication”), has its Winter 2008 issue out. The issue has a 6-page article by Julie Fanselow titled Community Blogging: The New Wave of Citizen Journalism (PDF) in which Locally Grown and RepJ get a sizeable chunk of ink throughout the piece. Nice! The Minnesota Legislative Reference Library featured it in their news recently: Civic Blogging in Minnesota Gets Attention.

RepJ reporter launches blog to document developments in her work


The Representative Journalism Project has a core goal of revealing the journalistic process as it happens, from beginning to end, and beyond. By creating “Bonnie Obremski, RepJ,” I am striving to meet that goal in a better way than I have been. will be a place for me to publish my finished work. (continued) Continue reading RepJ reporter launches blog to document developments in her work

Blogger and Twitter alert: RepJ’s Professor Witt is in town

Bonnie Obremski and Leonard Witt

Representative Journalism (RepJ) creator Leonard Witt (professor at KSU in Georgia, Public Journalism Network blogger) arrived in Northfield last night for a series of meetings (through Saturday) on the Northfield RepJ project at its six-month point. We tried to find him a set of long underwear last night before dinner at the Rueb ‘N’ Stein, but alas, the entire state is sold out on that item for some reason. Luckily, his room at the Archer House has a hot tub.

Len and RepJ reporter Bonnie Obremski were having breakfast at The Tavern this morning. We’re having boxed lunches from The HideAway today, meetings in John Schott’s Cinema & Media Studies department at Carleton this afternoon, and as Bonnie blogged earlier, there’s an open meeting that y’all are invited to at the Bittersweet Eatery Saturday morning at 10.

Update 1/17 at 11 am 3pm: new photos – yesterday’s RepJ/LoGroNo mtg at Carleton; RepJ feedback session this morning at Bittersweet Eatery; RepJ lunch at Chapati; Len Witt, paparazzi (continued…)

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Coffee discussion on Representative Journalism Project

repj-logoLen Witt, the person who came up with the concept of Representative Journalism, is visiting Northfield this month. I’m inviting the community to join us at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 17 at the Goodbye Blue Monday cafe Bittersweet Eatery (back room) for an hour of informal discussion. Please email me directly at if you think you might come. If we have a large response, I might change the venue of the discussion to a place with more space. Hope to see you there!