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This is the title of an article at the Mankato Free Press article about the March 13th Regional Competitiveness Economic Development Summit. The Rural Enterprise Center’s agripreneurs development model was voted the second most important priority for the development of the Agriculture and Food Sector as it pertains to the incorporation and full utilization of skills, assets and visioning coming out from the Latino/Hispanic communities of the region.

We are currently developing the strategic plan for the large scale regional deployment of this model in the coming decade with a launch strategy focused in no more than 8 SE MN counties, but including strategic outreach to other highly promising targeted Hispanic/Latino entrepreneur in other areas of the region.

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, Rural Enterprise Center

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repjlogo-thumb1.pngAt the beginning of the spring semester, I met with Carleton College students who are taking a class taught by Professor John Schott. Schott had invited me to speak to his students about the Representative Journalism Project. Following that meeting, the students set out in the spirit of the project’s goals to cover local news. The stories they produced are showcased here, replicated from a page on Schott’s Ratchet Up blogsite for the project:

Northfield Voices: Town & Gown
Cinema & Media Studies Audio Workshop, 2009

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  • Video: "Bessie" the Just Food Co-op cow on eating locally produced food, even in winter in Minnesota
  • Video: Dave Minar, owner of Cedar Summit Farm
  • Video: Bob Ciernia, president of the Just Food Co-op Board of Directors, talks about local produce

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