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skateplaza-citing-options An update on the Ames Park Master Plan is scheduled for Monday night’s Council meeting/work session. Included is the issue of where to cite the Northfield Skateboard Coalition’s Skate Park/Plaza: closer to MOM’s Ames Mill or closer to 5th St. The Council packet has this two-page PDF of the Ames Park Concept with the two options produced by the consulting firm, Bonestroo. I took photos of Ames Park during DJJD last year (to show carnival-related parking) and also some from last winter.

The Northfield News is running a straw poll on the bottom of their homepage on the skate plaza location within Ames Park. Here’s a slightly different version:

[poll id=”35″]


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Owen and Cooper Feldman Jon and Ali Feldman’s twin boys, Owen and Cooper, died shortly after they were born last week. When they submitted the obituary with this photo to the Northfield News, the newspaper declined to run the photo because, according to Jon who I spoke to by phone yesterday, they felt it might offend their readers.  The Parker Kohl Funeral Home has a page that includes the photo.  Jon and Ali asked us to blog it and invite LG readers for their reaction. 11:20 am update: I’ve added a straw poll. (continued)

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The City of Northfield’s fiber consultant has finished surveying residents on their current use of cable, phone, and internet services (PDF of the questions asked). (See our podcast with City…

City Straw Polls

The Northfield Entertainment Guide and Locally Grown bring you the second annual

Best of Northfield 2008

survey-tnEvery February, the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) will bring you the best of Northfield as determined by you, the reader.

Vote by filling out this online survey or by filling out the paper forms around town and putting them in the drop boxes or dropping them off at By All Means Graphics, 17 Bridge Square.

If you own a Northfield-area business and would like some ballots and boxes, contact us and we will get you the stuff.

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