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Hail storm one-year anniversary

Adam Gurno’s one-year anniversary blog post on prompted me to do the same. Here are my favorites of the photos I took that day:

IMG_3566.JPG IMG_3568.JPG IMG_3597.JPG IMG_3595.JPG
L to R: the fog in our backyard; my daughter Gilly; our sod; and the Bonnie and Clyde death car VW from Dokmo‘s lot. Click to enlarge.

And here’s a video clip that I took from my garage roof… before the hail stones got really big.

Click play to view. 1 minute, 27 seconds.

Dan Rather, watch out

With all the film crews in Northfield lately, I figured, hey, how hard can it be? So I picked up a Mini-DV camcorder earlier this week and launched my new career today.

Left: First up this morning, a probing interview of the down-and-out men who line up in front of the Goodbye Blue Monday every morning for their maintenance drugs. 26 seconds.

Right: A digital video of analog radio show that’s about to be podcast. How cool is that? 9 seconds.

Video of this morning’s electrical fire

Glenn Switzer emailed me this afternoon:

On the way into work this morning, I captured the high voltage electrical fire at the sub-station by Sundowner Trailers. It caused a temp power outage on the south side of town.

Whether you need an electrician to install comprehensive measuring and flow meter equipment in the mining industry, a set-up suitable for the food industry or whether you want to have that iffy power-point replaced or a house wired or rewired, we have electricians perth cbd the manpower with the skills and knowledge to do it and do it well.

Video: Day of the Dead steamroller print creation

ArtOrg Exec. Director Dave Machacek saw my post about art on the walls of local businesses and gave me a heads-up on this 6 minute Google video, created by ArtOrg board member Greg Mattern who works at HDMG, a video post-production house in Eden Prairie.

Click play to watch. 6 minutes.

This video shows the creation of a 104-foot print on October 14, 2006 for Northfield Minnesota’s first Day of the Dead Celebration. Over a dozen Latino artists were assisted by a 20,000-pound, 50-year-old “Buffalo Springfield” steamroller.

In steamroller printing, a relatively recent and infrequent occurrence in the world of visual arts, Continue reading Video: Day of the Dead steamroller print creation