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Here’s the video replay of the webinar we hosted on Monday with NHS Executive Director Hayes Scriven.  You can drag the slider to these segments of the webinar:

If anyone has NHS-related comments or questions for Hayes, attach them to the comment thread and we’ll drag  him over here to respond.

Civic Orgs Webinar

Hayes Scriven There’s lots happening at the Northfield Historical Society these days. So we’re hosting a webinar with NHS Executive Director Hayes Scriven on Monday, Sep. 27, 3-4 PM to learn all about it, including:

webinar The webinar will allows us to bring documents, photos, videos and audio into the presentation.

And it will offer audience members a chance to submit questions.

If you don’t have access to an internet-connected computer with speakers, you can participate via phone (long distance call).

If you can’t make the live session, the entire webinar will be recorded and made available in both video and audio format.

Civic Orgs Webinar